shapewear for flabby arms
arm shapewear

How do I wear my Arm Slimming Squeezy Tees?
  check mark   Under my knits
  check mark   Under my vests
  check mark   At the gym
  check mark   At the Yoga class
  check mark   Under my jackets
  check mark   Out for an event
  check mark   With my jeans

How are others wearing their Squeezy Tees?
  check mark   Performances on stage
  check mark   At the office
  check mark   With Jewels for a night out
  check mark   To show off their gorgeous toned arms after a workout
  check mark   To prevent itching”under a favorite sweater

Why is Squeezy Tees such a great garment?
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We use ‘Slender Arm Technology’ only available from           Squeezy Tees to smooth and support flabby arms..
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Discreetly prevents the upper arms from appearing           flabby and jiggly.
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Acts as a soft girdle or shapwear for the arms.
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Made in America of the highest quality fabrics.
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Its wicking properties keep moisture away from your           skin.
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Its shapewear you will want to show off.
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It releases stains easily.

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It resists wrinkles and is great for travel.
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It retains it’s rich color.

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It resists pilling.

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This is a garment that really works for you!

exercise with Squeezy Tees shapewear
It's perfect at the gym!

See if it works for you...

Barbara sent us this amazing picture. She wrote: "I could not believe your claim about slimming my jiggly arms until I tried it for myself."

arm shapewear






arm shapewearshapewear for armsplus size shapewear


1. Frustrated with flabby arms?

2. Line up the seam under your arm and gently tug the sleeve up to the armhole. Use your thumb and forefinger pulling up through the neckline.

3. You are now ready to show off your beautiful toned arms!